How to prosper with impactful approaches to data, tech and CX programs.

A strained global economy is placing once-in-a-generation pressures on financial services. Fresh approaches to CX programs help future-focused FinServ brands embrace the opportunity within the challenge and discover new ways to prosper.

For financial services companies, this highlights the ongoing opportunity that beats at the heart of your reason for existing: When money matters become difficult, your customers need you most.

This vital relationship is core to supporting your customers at a critical time when the experience you provide them can alter how they see your brand, creating long-lasting loyalty and deep trust.

This paper offers 5 ways for CX programs to thrive in any economic climate, such as…

  • Combine cross-organizational initiatives to supercharge CX
  • Empowered employees deliver powerful customer experiences
  • And more…

As well as a look into the new realities for data ethics:

An ethical data strategy goes a step further than laws and legislation and adheres to important moral tenets woven into the fabric of society: justice, respect, equality, transparency, responsibility and more. And when the average data breach costs around $9 million, it’s a necessary step in future-proofing your business.

The Authors

Gavin Estey,

VP, Technology AMER

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