Surrounded by data. Starving for insights.

Most of us collect data every day. We use it to understand ourselves better and make improvements where we can. The same holds true for businesses – but the stakes are much higher. Businesses spend thousands of hours capturing and producing reports, only to find them overwhelming. Instead of supporting the generation of valuable insights, they leave organizations confused.

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Metrics that Matter

A 7-Step Approach for Faster, Valuable Insights.

Break the pattern with our latest white paper, Metrics that Matter, where we talk about: 

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Data + Design — A Winning Combination

Becoming more digitally agile is what most businesses strive for. But, digital transformation will remain a distant dream for most organizations if they’re not in tune with data and analytics and the valuable insights they provide. Being data-driven is a team sport and requires collaboration, both to collect the data, as well as integrating it into decision making processes.

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Reasons why data-driven decision-making can go wrong: Analysis Paralysis

Companies today generate more data than ever.  Data, that can give them the opportunity to gain insights into consumer preferences, behaviour, product lifecycle, supply chains, marketing and more. Despite this, many organizations continue to rely on the gut instinct of their executives to make decisions. 

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4 Most Common Ways Data Silos Affect a Company

We’ve talked about analysis paralysis, the most . Now, we’ll steer the conversation beyond data capture and the right cadence for decision-making checkpoints. We’ll examine organizational structure and the impact of silos on data and analysis.

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“Organizations are struggling to use the data they collect to really improve their business. Having the discipline to identify and focus on metrics that matter leads to more valuable insights and better decisions.”

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  • Organizational obstacles – the three main reasons why data-driven decision-making can be challenging.
  • The 7-Step Approach to building dashboards that support decision-making and business growth.
  • Observations on success – the benefits of the approach.

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