Customer experience (CX) has become a key differentiating factor for retail and consumer goods companies. According to eMarketer, consumers increasingly expect retail and CPG brands to improve their ability to:

How to Become a Composable Organization in Retail and CPG

Matt Muller
European Lead, Technology

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Gavin Estey
Group Director, Technology

One of the best advantages of a composable tech stack is that the various parts can evolve at different paces without impacting the stability of the whole or introducing unnecessary risks.

Build for Now and the Future

Composable architecture – a tech stack made up of separate components integrated via APIs and microservices – can help brands achieve these goals, while allowing them to implement just the most suitable tech solutions and capabilities.

In their 
2022 Global Research report, MACH Alliance found that 60% of IT leaders cited improving CX as a top driver for embracing composable architecture. Enterprise-level organizations found that the monolithic infrastructure that had served them well in the past lacked the agility to scale and meet the needs of today’s demanding customers.

However, transitioning to and maintaining composable infrastructure can present challenges. The 
2022 Global Research report showed that less than half of the organizations that embraced composable were satisfied with their ability to deliver CX improvements at speed, indicating that for an organization to be truly composable, it must look beyond tech strategy.

  • Anticipate their needs
  • Personalize products, services and communications
  • Build an emotional connection

This white paper delves into three crucial mindsets that will help organizations successfully become composable:

  • Approach composable incrementally
  • Reframe your technology's purpose
  • Tighten governance without sacrificing flexibility

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