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Out of any industry, insurance brands are challenged to differentiate themselves amongst competitors. One area in which to stand out though, is in the customer experience, especially as insurance brands are uniquely positioned to elevate their customers’ lives during their most trying times.

Exceptional customer experiences can put insurance brands ahead of their competitors, attract customer loyalty and ultimately, increase profits. But delivering a great customer experience, supported by technology, while simultaneously meeting business needs can be difficult.
From Profiles to People presents five strategies that expand on the foundational CX elements of empathy, personalization, satisfaction, trust and values. Digital solutions that combine these strategies allow insurance brands to differentiate while deepening their emotional connection with customers throughout their journey.

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Five Strategies for Differentiated Customer Experience in Insurance

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From Profiles

to People

Five Strategies for Differentiated Customer Experience in Insurance

Empathy is the first step in an interactive process to design digital solutions that make your customers’ lives easier when they’re most vulnerable.

Personalization involves abandoning risk profiles in order to enrich your understanding of the actual people purchasing your policies.

Satisfaction can be provided all along your customers’ journey, not just when they’re renewing their policy or submitting a claim.

Trust is a circular challenge for outstanding CX, but digital can help bridge the divide between data needs and your customers’ expectations.

Values are layered and it’s worth considering all your customer levels when seeking to understand what motivates purchasing decisions.


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Image of a tree that has fallen on a white car.
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