Prepare for the future with a customer data platform

A customer data platform (CDP) can revolutionize how an organization gains value from their data, but there are a few key things to consider in order to maximize its effectiveness. 

Data management is a rising business priority, with respondents in an Insider Intelligence survey stating they planned to allocate budget to a range of related initiatives this year, such as:

  • 37% want to break down silos
  • 42% want to establish a data-driven business culture

Meanwhile, the clock continues to tick down towards the day when cookies become obsolete, forcing companies to find alternatives to relying on third-party data.

Using data to pinpoint the precise future needs of a customer is an ideal approach for driving revenue and reducing churn in any industry. However, some companies mistakenly believe they can make due by cobbling together a collection of spreadsheets.

CDPs can help solve all of these challenges and now is the time to invest in one. Those who wait risk being left behind.

This guide covers the essentials of CDPs, including:

The difference between the two main uses of CDPs

Ready to do more with your data?

The Author

Gavid Estey

Vice President,
Technology, AMER

Data That Makes an Impact: Guide to CDP Essentials

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The level of data cleanliness needed for each CDP use case

The approach for using CDPs to collect first-party data