Demographics around the world are continuing to shift. However, the resulting transformation will be most evident in the consumer classes of the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

The region will rise to have the most relative growth in its consumer base, making it imperative for brands to understand and align with the evolving needs, behaviors, perceptions, attitudes, and influences that impact their buying behavior.

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In this white paper, Chandni Motwani outlines who brands with a presence in the region can close the experience gap in the following four main sections:

  • Predictions by 2030: The shifting demographics that will transform the consumer classes in APAC
  • The female economy: Rising wealth, independence, and education will bring women to the forefront
  • The rise of the zoomers: Gen Z will lead with a new set of values and expectations
  • The silver generation: A growing strong and digitally savvy consumer class

APAC, The Future Consumer

How global brands should prepare for the rising experience economy


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About the Author

Chandni is driven by curiosity, empathy, and enthusiasm to enhance the human experience. She believes in using technology to create human positive, future-proof solutions. She is an experienced strategy, product, and innovation head with a history of working at Google, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Nest. VC. She has built two startups: one, a social enterprise incubator, and second, her own consulting practice. She combines her understanding of technology, market, and people through a design thinking lens to deliver lasting solutions.

At Appnovation she leads the Strategy Practice of the region, helping clients across industries explore the value of a data-enriched, technology-enabled, human-centered approach to solve business challenges.

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