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Your Customers Have Changed. Has Your Data Strategy?

Data is critical to understanding consumers and unlocking human-centered insights. Just like other areas of your business, your data strategy has been impacted by the pandemic and needs to evolve. Here’s how to address the shifts and realities of a new digital world where your audience demands more.

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Reasons why data-driven decision-making can go wrong: Analysis Paralysis

The concept of big data has been around for over a decade. While most organizations have focused large amounts of resources towards collection, visualization and analysis of data, few have truly taken advantage of it.

There is rarely a single reason why organizations fail to reap the benefits of their data platforms, but there are three themes that are repeatedly observed. This blog covers the first of these themes, analysis paralysis.

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4 Most Common Ways Data Silos Affect a Company

Data silos impact integrity, collaboration, and analysis.
We’ve talked about analysis paralysis, the most common reason data can impede decision-making. Now, we’ll steer the conversation beyond data capture and the right cadence for decision-making checkpoints. We’ll examine organizational structure and the impact of silos on data and analysis.

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In Advance Your Analytics, Fitzgerald and Anton Morrison, VP, Experience Design discuss:

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  • How to pair advanced analytic capabilities with design thinking to unlock insights across your organization
  • How to tie your data directly to business outcomes and prove ROI
  • How to glean actionable insights at scale and help you plan for growth
  • How to monetize your data and gain a competitive advantage with Looker

The time to gain your competitive advantage is right now

“First mover advantage is ready for the taking. If you can build a new level of data sophistication with advanced analytics platforms today, in time it will put you exponentially ahead of your competition and make it increasingly harder for them to catch up. Algorithms work from historical data. In a year from now, your algorithms could be that much more advanced, but only if you’re first out the gate.”  

Ashely Fitzgerald, Senior Director, Data Science & Analytics at Appnovation

Once you lay that foundation, the future of cutting-edge data capabilities — predictive analytics, machine learning, and AI — is at your fingertips. 

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Smarter data analysis leads to better business intelligence (BI) and sharper product strategy

Data has the ability to impact every aspect of your business – and its influence is growing every day. Ultimately, you should know what data does for your bottom line and be able to effectively prove it. A robust analytics platform can democratize your data, unlock insights, and – best of all – deliver it when and where your teams or customers need it most.

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