In Brief:

  • Consumers expect and want more online brand interactions in the future. This is true across all industries, including ones that have traditionally been dominated by in-person interactions, like auto and grocery.

  • In the future, there will be an expectation that the in-person experience gets more digital too, through the introduction of touchless technologies.

  • Millennials have the highest expectations for a seamless digital experience and are most likely to change brands if they’re not getting it.

  • These shifts are permanent. Consumers aren’t expecting to return to pre-COVID behaviors and brands need to prepare for the increasingly digital consumer.

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The Digital Consumer

Research Report: Shifting consumer expectations and digital readiness

The digital consumer has arrived. Brands have the opportunity to meet these new consumer needs through long-term,  consumer-first strategies rooted in the right combination of technology,  design, and experience.

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of consumers expect and hope for brands to adopt new digital solutions to deliver products/services to them in the upcoming year.

of consumers are completely comfortable with touchless technologies.

say they will become comfortable once they see and use touchless technologies more often.




Appnovation’s Digital Trends 2021

The pandemic fundamentally altered our lives almost overnight in 2020. These are the latest digital marketing trends Appnovation’s General Managers have top of mind as we plan for 2021.

The pandemic fundamentally changed how consumers interact with brands. Along with their changing behaviors, consumers' values shifted, as well. We surveyed Canadian and American consumers to better understand their values and expectations of brands, both now and in the future. Specifically, what do they want in their digital and in-person interactions with brands?  To find out, we talked to consumers in Retail, Health and Wellness, Financial Services, Travel and Tourism, Automotive, and more.

In Brief

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