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Consumer expectations of digital experiences have dramatically shifted. 

Gone are the days when consumers measured and compared a brand’s digital experience to those of its competitors within the same space. Today, consumers are comparing brands with the very best digital experiences across completely different industries.

Digital experiences are a brand’s most valuable currency in 2021, but they fit into a larger omnichannel experience that needs to be seamless and add value to the consumer at every turn. 

Brands that understand their consumer are the ones most likely to get this experience right - and ultimately grow and thrive.

Over half of all customers interact online with an FS provider at least 1x/week, with millennials report the highest engagement levels.

Beginning with deep empathy, for more than 20 years Allison has helped brands and marketers play a more collaborative role in their customer experience. With an excitement for the future matched with her natural curiosity about human nature, every solution she leads puts people first. At Appnovation, she leads a team of strategy and insights experts who know how to frame business-building opportunities that become the blueprint for valuable digital solutions.

Allison Humphries

VP Strategy, AMER

John is a business-driven technology and operations executive with 24 years of professional experience in strategic planning, design and implementation of high profile multi-national initiatives. Passionate about the power to enable clients to command technology as a strategic capability, his deep international experience spans various leadership roles in Europe and North America with a proven track record of successfully building and managing high-performance cross-functional teams.

John Mozayani

VP Technology, AMER



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Now that experience has become the key differentiator for brandsFinancial Service providers who choose to focus on their customers will see increased customer satisfaction, increased customer retention and will open the door for more personalized up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

Allison Humphries, VP Strategy, AMER

The majority of customers believe there is room for improvement. Though half of all customers agree that digitization has made their daily transactions easier, only 1 in 4 rate the current experience offered as ‘excellent’.

FS providers can’t rest on their laurels. 
Customers expect that digital capabilities and the experiences offered by their FS providers will continue  to evolve, facilitated across multiple, connected channels. 

What’s important in an FS experience varies amongst generations. While Gen Z values personalization the most, Millennials value automation and time-saving features, whereas Gen X values security more highly than any other group.

Feel-good experiences are the ultimate differentiator. More and more, customers are selecting the brands they interact with based on the experience and how that experience makes them feel, particularly younger consumers. Many features that customers love - like security and automation - are table stakes. It’s the feel-good experience, tailored to the individual, that is the ultimate differentiator.

To get CX right, you must first understand what the customer values.

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To get CX right, you must first understand what the customer values.

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We asked consumers what factors are the most important in their interactions with Financial Services providers?
While security was the top consideration for customers, the second was the customer’s connection to the brand, taking into account how the brand makes them feel and aligns with their personal values.

Why is this important?
Many features related to digital transactions have become table stakes. All consumers expect security measures, competitive pricing and customer support. What is coming through as a differentiator is how the FS provider makes its customers feel and the experience they are able to offer. 
What matters is the connection people have with the brand.

Appnovation’s research measured Canadian and American Financial Services (FS) consumers’ values and expectations of brands, specifically in relation to their digital experiences with FS providers.