While 37% of IT leaders understand the importance of modernizing their legacy technology, many still carry uncertainties about the cost and time involved in transitioning, not to mention the likelihood their teams will embrace the new tools.

There’s no universal process to becoming composable. In fact, most organizations already have some composable elements in their tech stack - even if their solutions rely on monolithic applications. Without knowing it, your composable transition may already be underway!

In partnership with Contentful, this guide offers considerations to help you make (or expand) your composable transformation.

The recommendations themselves are composable and can be scaled or rearranged to create the approach that’s best suited to your business.

We’ve broken them down into 7 Steps:

Flex & Scale:

A Guide to Composable Tech Strategy

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  • TASK: Rally your project champions and get your stakeholder mix right.
  • ASSESS: Audit your existing tech and figure out what’s needed.
  • CHOOSE: Pick and prioritize your core components.
  • MIGRATE: Steel Thread or Spike? Explore implementation options.
  • CONNECT: Pinpoint your sources of truth and watch for integration red flags.
  • GOVERN: Help your teams embrace the tech.
  • EVOLVE: Try. Test. Repeat.

Gain a Composable Advantage, Your Way

Flex & Scale: A Guide to Composable Tech Strategy

No matter how you get there, once you’re composable, you’ll never look back.

7 Steps to Become (More) Composable by

7 Steps to Become (More) Composable by

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