75% of HCPs considering leaving the NHS would change their minds if a robust and flexible digital system was enabled.

The NHS waiting lists are now predicted to increase a further 83% by 2023. That’s an additional 4.6 million people in real terms. Half a million of those on ‘the list’ have already spent 2 years waiting for treatment. The pressure on the NHS isn’t just very real, it’s growing.

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Humanising Technology

Why combining empathy with technology could be the key to transforming the NHS

It would be easy to place the blame for this current predicament on the pandemic. It has, in a very real way, exacerbated the challenges faced by the NHS on a daily basis. But many of these challenges existed long before this, and the time to act is now.

In this white paper, Richard Palmer, Strategy Lead, EMEA, outlines one of the many tech challenges that, if addressed urgently, can reduce the number of HCPs leaving the NHS and improve the patient experience. It also builds the case for an incremental approach to digital transformation under five main sections:

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  • A mass exodus
  • Trust (and other axioms)
  • Democratising healthcare
  • A ‘systems’ approach
  • The human touch

About the Author

Richard Palmer is a passionate strategist with a wealth of experience in brand and communications strategy and digital transformation. He has worked with some of the largest brands and organizations in the world, leading the global Shell Retail and Fuels communications strategy across 44,000 forecourts, repositioning the Olympics consumer brand, and directing digital change programs for the likes of Ernst & Young, Capita, and WaterAid. Richard leads the strategic disciplines across the EMEA region at Appnovation, championing a new approach to strategy, “integrated experience planning” - creating experiences that people want and businesses need. In life sciences, Richard has worked for a number of years with a variety of brands and organizations, including Sanofi, Bayer, Reckitt, and Boehringer Ingelheim.

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