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Bringing sustainability and spirit of charity together

A guilt-free gift exchange mobile app, turning unwanted gifts into treasured possessions.

With the white elephant app, you can upload unwanted gifts, browse other white elephants, agree to swap gifts or make a donation – instead of hiding them away in storage or trashing the gifts. This app gives you freedom from the guilt of not enjoying a gift as much as your friends/family hoped you would and enjoy the feeling of having brought someone else happiness at the same time.


Live in the moment

From managing everyday schedules to keeping in touch with family during the pandemic – one app to manage it all.

What if there were a mobile and web app that managed your entire family’s schedule, leaving you free to spend time with your loved ones? At the same time, what if the same app, let them notify you of their safety with a push of a button? That’s what Abode gives you – peace of mind during and post-pandemic. It combines schedules, location check-ins, tracking, emergency alerts, and reminders for key events all in one place and to be accessed on the go to ensure the safety of family members.

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Celebrating innovation, collaboration, and expertise.

This year we couldn’t put on our fancy clothes, meet our peers, and bid farewell to the year that’s passed. So we took our celebrations, just like everything else, online. The result? A Hackathon that gave our teams the freedom to flex their creativity and collaborate with their peers – and all bets were off.  

Our Appnovation EMEA employees were split into eight teams and presented with a selection of open-ended briefs. The goal was to create an idea for a product or experience in just a few hours, and show how it might be delivered as an actual project.


Keeping your family history alive through the generations

The world might have shrunk but it’s harder for families to celebrate their history and culture together.

The Familia app taps into the desire to know “who we are” and “where we came from”. Families can use the app to look back at their family tree in a fun way, record events happening in the present time, and engage in social engagements creating their own family history, today! It’s a new and fun way to explore family interactions, keeping everyone close and connected, around the world and across generations even amidst a pandemic.


Bringing communities together

Reducing response time for category 2-4 emergencies.

The time it takes emergency services to arrive on-scene is literally a matter of life and death. COVID-19 over-stretching the NHS has not helped. An app that works on minimal data/bandwidths and without data roaming to help first aiders get to the incident faster, tap into the community’s experience to provide support until emergency services arrive, and bring together the public and private sector to enable training, will save lives! And that’s what Fast aid enables while alleviating some of the pressure on NHS services.


The convenience of digital shopping with a local touch

Support local shops and arrange delivery or pick-up right from your phone.

As the necessity of online shopping increases, many independent brick and mortar stores don’t have the means to implement sophisticated e-commerce platforms and are struggling to survive. Common People is an aggregator platform that shines a spotlight on local communities by combining all shops, products, geofencing offers, services, and information relevant to your location. With our vision, you can now buy groceries, redeem a yoga coupon, and get a notification about your pharmacy’s new hours in one convenient app.


Streamlining emergency services to save lives

Sophisticated, real-time tracking and analysis to strategically tackle and maintain bushfires.

Bushfires have become an increasingly common and devastating reality for communities and wildlife in California and Australia. Firemesh is an advanced neural network of device streams that coordinates effective execution across country, region, and state boards through our real-time Eye in the Sky technology. Streams from our drones equipped with Infrared, Heat, and other scanners feed data into our unique ingestion engine, analyzing terabytes of data and creating real-time predictions related to our unique applications.


Manage money on your own terms

A non-traditional banking app that lets you save for what you want, with who you want.

UNIT is a mobile app that will transform traditional banking models by being inclusive to all social groups and ages – not just your immediate family or partner. Our focus is on basic banking needs and supplying customers with financial expertise and support, never forgetting the people behind the account. Looking to put money together for a group holiday, or aiming to buy a house with your mates? Create a joint account with anyone in a few easy steps. We also provide access to a network of financial coaches and guidance from an intelligent spending advisor.


Tomorrow’s fashion, delivered today

Save time and look fabulous whilst supporting your local economy.

Trylly is the try-at-home clothing delivery service that supports independent brands by offering fashion lovers the next new thing. Our digital platform allows shoppers to choose clothing from local retailers, have it delivered to their doorstep the same day, and gives them the luxury of 24 hours to decide whether they want it. Like it? Keep it and be charged automatically. Not quite you? Request a return to be collected from your doorstep – no return labels, return-shipping, or trips to the post office.

1 Day 8 Teams 50 Participants 

8 Real-World Solutions.

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